About us

Italian passion and skills for your technical and graphical needs.

We are a team of web programmers/designers with many years of experience in graphic design, website development, server admnistration and network security. We have created many web portals for news agencies, online journals, VoIP companies, social networks and e-commerce platforms (and many more!) with custom management systems for their needs.
We take care of both the design (XHTML/CSS valid code, Web 2.0, accessibility) and the programming (CMS, security, coding) to ensure continuity throughout each project.
We work as IT security specialists for companies and institutions needing penetration tests, intrusion detection, spam blocking/reporting and security assessment.

Francy Solutions proudly serves clients in over 40 countries around the globe.

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Our portfolio showcases what we’ve created so far, so feel free to contact us for a free quote or consultation on your project.
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Why Choose Francy Solutions?

Why hire a designer here, a programmer there, and then ask somebody to beta-test your website somewhere else?
This costs money, time and quality.

With FrancySolutions you will get a rock-solid team to create, develop, and maintain your projects quickly and professionally.
Unlike other companies, the owner/manager is not simply a businessman who routes the projects to his employees without having any technical skills himself.

I am Francesco de Lorenzi, owner of Francy Solutions, and I will take care of your projects from the beginning to the end.
I have selected a team of highly skilled designers and programmers who assist in building parts of your projects in parallel, so that the delivery time is reduced dramatically.
And together with our project manager, we will guide your company throughout your projects from concept development to final launch.

FrancySolutions provides a full range of services, including video production, security assessment and online marketing. Whether your site needs E-commerce, VoIP solutions, Content Management System, Client Extranet or more… we certainly have a solution for you!

  • 1) Web Design and Web Development
  • 2) IT Security
  • 3) VoIP Calling Card Websites
  • 4) Video Production & Voice-Over Services 
  • 5) Website Maintenance
  • 6) Domain Hosting
  • 7) Print Design

We look forward to serving you and your needs. Contact us today!