IT Security Services

Nowadays it isn’t just important to create well designed, properly working sites/applications. Even if everything looks good to you, you might be seriously vulnerable to being hacked. A vulnerable site allows crackers to gain full admin access to the system, stealing sensitive data or damaging your company’s image with an ugly-looking, vandalized or defaced home page. If you are a reseller of web applications, things may get worse. If a cracker discovers a bug, they will most likely post the full vulnerability disclosure on the Internet. This means most of your clients’ might be hacked in a couple of days before you have time to release the patches.

But let’s not be so dramatic. Take it easy! Sit down and contact us! We will secure your sites, scripts, e-commerce platforms, applications and Windows/Linux servers.

  • Web application testing
  • Network security
  • Penetration testing
  • Security Assurance in all of our projects…