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In a globalized world, the demand for international calling services has increased dramatically. People need to call abroad frequently and conveniently for their jobs or to keep in touch with friends and family overseas. Needless to say, Calling Cards and Voice Over IP are now some of the fastest growing industries on the planet today.

Our Partner – IPsmarx Technology Inc.

FrancySolutions is proud to be a Certified IPsmarx Partner for web design/development.

We cooperate with IPsmarx as IT security specialists and webmasters, managing their sites and keeping them safe from malicious hackers. We also make sure that their solutions are secure, ensuring customer satisfaction with IPsmarx products.

IPsmarx Technology Inc. is a leading VoIP solutions provider (Class4/5, Calling Card, Direct DID, SS7, Multi-tenant IP-PBX…) with clients in over 63 countries.

VoIP and Calling Card Web Site creation

Just as for any other business, it is very important to have an efficient and user-friendly VoIP web site.

With our years of experience in this field, we can create custom VoIP web sites that best showcase your services and convert visitors into customers.

The ability to offer low local and international rates, convenient Access Numbers, Calling Cards, etc, convince visitors you are the right choice for their communication needs.

Our websites are seamlessly integrated to the IPsmarx E-store module.

Check out some of the IPsmarx-based VoIP web sites or contact us for a free consultancy meeting.

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We have experience in the following but not limited to:

  • PinLess Calling Card
  • Home Service
  • Direct DID/DID Forwarding
  • IP-PBX – Callback Card/Callback Service
  • Wholesale
  • CallShop
  • Mobile VoIP (Breeze)


We create custom VoIP clients for Windows, Mac and Linux with call history, balance display, and recharge system.

Mobile VoIP for iPhone, Android, Blackberry

If you need to empower your business with a Mobile VoIP dialer, look no further. Contact IPsmarx regarding their Mobile Breeze application.

Mobile versions of your site can be created to cover iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones with apps that are branded to your company, as well as a branded video, if you choose, that tells customers how it works.